About the Sanctuary

Crystal Heart Sanctuary is more than just a place, it is about a person, Bernadette, and her dream of healing others and healing the earth with natural means. Her goal is to live in a self sustainable manner, to teach others about self healing and self empowerment whilst walking lightly on the earth.

She chose this name because of the peaceful sanctuary she found in the Dandenong ranges, a refuge from the negativity of the outside world where people can learn to access the pure and powerful crystal energy in their heart.

Bernadette endeavours to be self-sufficient by growing her own organic vegetables, getting organic eggs from her chooks and using solar energy and energy saving devices as much as possible in a suburban environment.

Crystal Heart Sanctuary Mission Statement is - "To provide a loving, compassionate natural environment where people are free to be creative and learn to be involved in their own healing and spirituality."

Our ideology is to share the wisdom and skills we have acquired to empower people and create a better world for every sentient being living on this earth.